Harrisonburg Gym Has Something for Everyone

Gold’s Gym in Harrisonburg offers a wide variety of exercise equipment, group classes and exercise space to help you make the most of every workout and sculpt the body you want. Get better results working with our certified personal trainers, or take part in our group classes and push yourself by working out with others. Whether you’re starting a weight loss program or working on your strength training, our fitness center has everything you need to get an excellent workout and have fun doing it. When you begin to see and feel results, you’ll be excited to come back for more. Get the body you want and more energy from working out at Gold’s Gym.


Harrisonburg Fitness Center has Great Amenities

In terms of amenities, nobody can beat Gold’s Gym in Harrisonburg. In addition to free weights, cardio equipment and exercise space, we also have a sauna, Jacuzzi, tanning area and a pool that can be used for lap swimming or various aqua group classes. Our members can take advantage of an indoor track, circuit training, personal training and weight loss services. Our Kids Zone provides on-site childcare for busy parents.

We are perfectly positioned to meet and exceed your exercise needs, regardless of the type of workout you are looking for. Our friendly staff will keep you coming back for more and greet you with a smile when you come through the front door. If you’re ready to start getting in shape, there’s no better place to do it in Harrisonburg than Gold’s Gym.